QDXray cloud SaaS advantage: "pay as you grow"

To support projects in Telecom companies, or to facilitate new technologies, technology and operations departments need new features in the OSS stack. Onboarding new software in a company’s datacenter or hybrid-cloud environment can be tedious and time-consuming.

Datacenter / Hybrid-cloud policy always defines OS types, cloud providers, and company-preferred vendors. Sometimes this does not match the requirements of the target OSS-stack extension. On top of that, the targeted software lifecycles need to be tightly coordinated with the datacentre's OS/ Hyperscaler/ Container/ Cloud lifecycle management.

Does it sound familiar? Do you have an extensive or even painful experience with such issues?

SaaS Cloud solutions take a big part of this burden from your shoulder, as software- OS and VE lifecycle issues are the sole responsibility of the software vendor, bound to your SLA.
QDXray performs the datastore and data science part entirely in the cloud, and -depending on the availability of local collection and mediation systems- you might not even need additional collectors/mediation software to use QDXray’s unique feature set.


QoE improvement and service assurance in extensive access networks

Most service providers today maintain a well-defined set of KPI’s, mostly based on telemetry from active network elements. This morning the NOC raised a P1 after seeing a few hundred PON ONT’s falling offline from PON ports on different line cards on different OLT’s.

The engineer on-call was alerted and quickly powered up his laptop to check what was wrong. Seeing drops all over the place he escalated to network planning to have a look into their fiber planning system and check topology on various endpoints.

Around 13:00, after hours of struggling through extensive logging, clicking through endless fiber planning screens, writing down data in excel sheets, it appeared a cable was damaged just next to a handhole.

You recognize this?
This is one of the pain areas we have to address when operating cable- and fiberplants. A data driven approach where data from all sources are combined in a data-science melting pot is the base for smart software algorithms creating actionable items driving corrective as well as proactive workflows in your organization.
This is QDXray, the battlefield is the access network based on a myriad of passives connected by complex fiber infrastructures.
One of our missions is to help our customers to minimize their day to day operational challenges and drive proactive workflows.
By the way: did you know QDXray offers WiFi additions to create the real end-to-end view? Just because QoE does not end at the frontdoor.


QDXray & Data cleaning: using Network-Source-Of-Truth

Data Integrity often is a challenge in Telecom operations. The more manual interventions are enabled and the less atomic provisioning workflows are constructed, the higher the probability of data pollution or data-integrity breaches in the provisioning chain.

Topology administration, the locations of passives, zipcode-housenumber to passive-infra, a misconfiguration lurks around every corner. Provisioning, new builds, or just an engineer making a weekend quick-fix, helping customers out quickly ‘first thing on Monday will be administering the quick change, but never happens..’.

By smart combining data from various datasources and applying a fair share of datascience algorithms, QDXray can support service providers in data cleaning projects and even provide data for automated workflows.