Data-driven improvement for Telco's and MSO's

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Data-driven improvement for FTTx Networks

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Data-driven improvement for Cable Networks

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Challenges in complex network setups

Access networks are build around complex topologies with many passive components, aggregating many customer connections to central datacenter infrastructures. Service providers experience outages by cable disruptions or defects in passives, like fiber splitters or HFC amplifiers/nodes/taps.

Finding issues in complex passive topologies often feels like finding the needle in a haystack, while providers have strict SLA's towards customers.

Up to 70% of today's call drivers can be caused by bad WiFi at customer premises. It is key to have the right visibility on those issues as this is an important QoE driver, often leading to customer churn.

Fiber networks are implemented on components as OLT, ODF, trunk/feeder, outdoor closure/pole housing distribution- and access splitters.

Cable strands in ducts are vulnerable for digging while pole topologies bring other challenges. ODF/splitters are quite sensitive for connector insert faults, while cross-contamination on connectors can cause degradations over the years.

DOCSIS deployments over HFC infrastructures come with similar issues as Fiber networks, PLUS the RF issues, like interference, reflections.

Through noise-funneling, upstream RF impairments can cause quality issues through the whole segment, making fault-finding a cumbersome, sometimes hairpulling effort.

What QDXray brings

QDXray delivers a SaaS Cloud-based solution which gives datadriven insights on network quality and service disruptions through respective apps for FTTx- and DOCSIS/HFC networks.

QDXray assists service-providers to lower MttD (Mean-time-to-Diagnose) figures by pinpointing to the right spot via intuitive UI functions and dashboards.

MttD/MttFix are key metrics for service-provider operations. Aside of that, QDXray assists in continuous quality monitoring and improvement projects & processes, leading to better QoE and less costly customer churn. QDXray's datadriven insight creation will bring:

  • Actionable items
  • More effective use of your skilled workforce
  • Limiting costly truckrolls

As the missing link in the customer's QoE chain, QDXray adds WiFi quality indicators to the end-to-end experience metrics, improving the customer journey and leave a happy customer.

End-to-End Quality Assurance

FTTx - DOCSIS/HFC - WiFi - Mobile

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Network Telemetry

Incredible valuable network telemetry collected from network equipment, customer premises equipment, WiFi-mesh and Mobile networks provide the base for next-level datascience and AI engines, unlocking datadriven potential and enabling your Go Digital roadmap.

The Cloud advantage

QDXray's cloud deployment takes away the hassle of datacenter deployment, resulting in a better TCO and predictable spend while maintaining feature velocity.

In Data we trust!

Strong Datascience/AI is used in QDXray's respective products, resulting in a unique featureset, driving low mean-time-to-diagnose figures and strongly driving first-time-fix for different usergroups and projects within your company.

UI and Dashboards

Intuitive and dynamic dashboards quickly pinpoint to the right problem-spot, enabling reactive and proactive maintenance without the need for and extensive high-skilled workforce to interpret the data.

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